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Ropings Too Big? 3-10-15
As the sport of team roping continues to flourish and grow, it amazes me how big the events are becoming. Looking at the recent Patriot roping in Fort Worth, when it was first announced, I heard a lot of people saying that it would not work. "There is no room for another big money roping like that." "That is a terrible facility to try to pull that off in." "There is no room for any more ropings - especially one like that." These are examples of what was talked about at that time. But you know what - It happened and surprising to us all it was almost a Grand Slam! It was still a home run with many of the divisions reaching close to the team cap, in only the first year! I can guarantee that next years event will fill in every division and there will be guys whining that they did not get in.
As with all new events I am sure there are a few things that will be reformatted before next year. I am hoping there will be more attention given to the Young Guns ropings. These are the next generation of ropers and allowing them a chance to compete at a big event such as The Patriot will be enticing. Whatever changes, I am sure it will be for the best.
​Getting back to what I started out with. Is there really any top to the mountain of big money ropings if done right? Is there enough ropers out there to continue to fill these type of events every three months or so? I believe the answer to that is - Yes. The sport has evolved and the number of ropers who have expendable finances to compete at events is ever-increasing. There are guys and gals out there who spend the majority of their time traveling to and from and competing at events every weekend. They are not the pros rodeo cowboys going to PRCA events, but everyday guys like you and me who are successful and have the means to rope at different locations all across the country no matter the price of fuel, entry fees or expenses.
ERA - 2-19-2015
What? Another Rodeo Association on the up and coming? The news is out and the ERA (Elite Rodeo Association) is making a statement. I don't know too much right now but I have made a few calls and talked to a couple people and we are all on the same lines. "Sounds like a great idea, Let's see what happens."
All I can say is - go big! If the ERA really has the support of most of the top rodeo contestants, past and present on board, do not slow and do not hesitate! Go Big and Don't look back!
I have always said that the sport of rodeo has so much potential if you can gather all the different pieces and assemble them into one. This means to collectively invite all kinds to participate under one umbrella. From the weekend warrior type who have careers and families and can't go down the road full time to the professionals. Let them all go after the same goals and have the same chances.
Rodeo is a very marketable sport that has just not been given the chance to stand aside major sports such as the NFL, MLB and NBA. However, managed right and like I said above, collectively including the entire sport and it is easily very marketable and attractive to sponsors and spectators.
Remember though, rodeo is driven by spectators and for the most part they have all been to a rodeo. This new breed of event needs to be different - Way out of the box - different to really catch the attention it needs to move forward!
That is all i have for now - but stay tuned and I will keep you all updated on the ERA and all of the news in the rodeo and team roping world!
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